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Cheap Travel Insurance Over 60 with Medical Conditions

Written by Julia Anderson

Elderly people love to travel and visit faraway places as much as the young, but they come up against the same old problem which is getting travel insurance. Travel insurance for elderly people has long been a bone of contention. The first question has to be why is holiday insurance for over 60’s so expensive?  

The second question that needs answering is what constitutes an elderly person, and it seems to vary. Research shows that elderly insofar as travel insurance is concerned can mean as young as 60, then it seems to go up in steps. Some companies hike their prices and increase the difficulty when you want travel insurance for the over 65’s, for others it is when you want travel insurance for the over 70’s, again over 75’s and finally there are many octogenarians who are fitter that forty year olds but when you as for travel insurance for the over 80’s even the nicest insurance agent will be unhelpful.

The answers to both of these questions about travel insurance for elderly folk is of course one of risk . Apparently folk over the age of 60 are far more likely to have an accident or be taken in on vacation and need at best the services of a local doctor, or at worst an air ambulance following an expensive operation.

What does seem unreasonable is the difficulty in getting the kind of insurance that covers theft, loss of credit cards, or money. It seems to most reasonable people that a responsible 70 year old is far less likely to inadvertently lose valuables than an irresponsible young person, but insurance companies tend not to see it that way.

So to whom do you turn to for specialist travel insurance for the elderly before you take off into the blue yonder?

Remembering one thing which is any travel insurance be you over 60, 65, 70, or 80 must contain the basics. It must cover you for sickness, accidents, loss of luggage, theft, repatriation, and of course the one thing we don’t want to talk about, and that is death. As an aside, it should also include the the cancellation of your holiday due to weather, such as hurricanes, in fact any emergency.

You will pay a premium that is often a lot higher than the young, but that has to be built into the cost of your holiday, so just check out some of the travel insurance for elderly people options below.

What follows is a list, which is a lot fuller than you think.

  1. – will cover over 220 pre existing medical conditions. Pre-existing conditions of course are one of the difficulties of travel insurance for senior citizens.
  2. will give good deals and a sympathetic ear for the over 65 holiday insurance.
  3. will give full travel cover for single trips or annual for the 65+ group
  4. will give you an instant quote
  5. has no upper age limits
  6. will cover up to age 85.

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