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Top Budget Direct Travel Insurance Reviews

Written by Julia Anderson

Direct travel insurance is simply an insurance package that you buy direct from the insurer, rather than through an agency. The whole idea of direct insurance is that you ‘cut out the middleman’ and as a result you pay less. There are plenty of direct providers operating in the travel insurance market today. We’ve taken a look at some of the more popular direct insurers and gauged them against each other. If you’re interested in buying travel insurance direct, our analysis here will help you make the best decision and get the best deal.

Columbus Direct

Columbus Direct is one of the world’s biggest direct providers. They have a wide range of plans that cater to travelers of all ages with virtually any travel plan. They have specific plans for backpackers, business people, adventure seekers, over 65s and people with existing medical conditions. On top of that, their prices are very competitive. This is the first company you should check out – chances are they have something that’ll work for you.

1 Cover Travel Insurance

1 Cover is an Australian travel insurance company which sells direct to consumers. In addition to keeping their fees low by selling direct, they’re also an online company which means they have low overheads and can offer even more competitive premiums as a result. If you happen to be Australian or traveling to Australia they’re definitely worth a look (although they do offer worldwide coverage).

Club Direct

Like Columbus, Club Direct offers a wide range of package deals for different types of travelers, covering all the categories covered by Columbus listed above – as well as a package for golf trips. One issue if you’re 75 or over though: Club Direct doesn’t offer annual multi-trip plans to people over 74 (although they do offer single trip cover up to age 99). They’re also at the high end of the spectrum in terms of the emergency medical cover they offer, which extends up to 10 million pounds for most of their plans.

Right Cover Travel Insurance

Right Cover is another UK-based travel insurance direct provider. One of their main stand-out features is free cover for kids under 19 who are traveling with you on your trip. They also offer a 24-hour assistance option – that’s not just a 24/7 phone line like most travel insurance providers offer, but an actual physical assistance team option where Right Cover employees will be dispatched to your location to help you out in an emergency.

Direct Travel Insurance

Of course, there is also a worldwide company called ‘Direct Travel Insurance.’ It’s a UK based company which offers a few special packages like backpacker cover and plans for skiing holidays. Their main selling point is their extremely low prices – you can get a plan from DTI for around 6 pounds which would cost two to three times as much from another provider like Post Office or Tesco.

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