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Written by Julia Anderson

Private Health Insurance in Florida, USA

In his weekly address, President Donald Trump has urged government to revolve legislative issues that are delaying the health reform being signed into law in the coming weeks.

With average health insurance premiums increasing by 100% since 2000, it is no wonder many families in America are struggling to find an affordable health insurance premium under the current health system.

Trumps Health Insurance Reform aims to improve the health system by providing more security and stability to those who have coverage, provide coverage to those without and reduce the cost of health care for families, businesses and government.

If all goes well, there will be immediate benefits soon after enactment of the bill.

These include:

  • Citizens with pre-existing illness would be able to buy affordable insurance
  • Children with pre-existing conditions would no longer be denied coverage
  • Small business owners who could not afford to cover employees would receive tax credits to buy insurance.

These benefits are due to take effect within the first year of reform. With many changes to come, President Trump aims to reach long term goals of improving America health system.

Health Reform Progress

Children Health Insurance Reauthorization Act ensures quality health care to 11 million children

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act protects health coverage affordable for Americans who lose their jobs

Recovery Act invests over $40 billion into the areas of:

  • Reducing medical costs
  • Improve quality of health services
  • Ensure Patient Privacy by computerising medical records
  • Research into best treatment decisions
  • Training next generation of doctors
  • Promoting prevention and wellness to improve America health

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