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10 Basic Workplace Electrical Safety Rules and Regulations

Written by Julia Anderson

Do you have workers who work with electrical wiring on an everyday basis? If so, this post is for you!

Have you ever considered looking into an electrical safety program? This is a great way to educate your employees on the risks and exposures on the job site, as well as implement safety procedures. So what will this type of program teach your workers? Here are 10 general precautions:

  1. Keep a close eye on equipment and inspect periodically for damages or defects.
  2. Extension cords should only be used as a TEMPORARY power source.
  3. Train both yourself and your employees on how to respond to emergencies (electric shock, fires, etc.)
  4. Make sure cords are out of the way to avoid tripping and falling.
  5. ALWAYS unplug electrical appliances before attempting to repair.
  6. Avoid connecting too many pieces of equipment into the same outlet.
  7. Never touch electrical appliances and plumbing at the same time to avoid shock.
  8. Make sure all workers are trained and educated before handing an electrical job off to them.
  9. Keep cords away from extreme heat.
  10. Replace any cords that are frayed, abraded, worn or damaged.

Those who are properly educated and trained are sure to avoid injury more often than those without training. The bottom line: the fewer claims made, the lower your insurance premium will be. Of course, workers compensation for California employees is crucial to have in place, but it is still better to keep claims to a minimum!

June is National Safety Month Tips

It’s National Safety Month! If you are a business owner, we hope that you have recognized this “event,” especially if both you and your employees face multiple risks on an everyday basis. To celebrate with you, we have put together a quick list of tips that may help you improve safety and security on the job.

  • Provide the right equipment and safety gear to your employees.
  • Make sure all employees UNDERSTAND how to use gear and equipment correctly.
  • Make fall protection a top priority on the job. Falling is the number one cause of injuries and death on construction sites!
  • Provide training to all incoming employees and of course, refresher training courses for those who have been with the company over time.
  • Use the proper signs and signals when needed (CAUTION, WET FLOOR, etc.)
  • Consider employee health and wellness seminars.

No matter what month it is, it is important that business owners are always concerned about safety and improving in the necessary areas. This means implementing safety policies, holding training sessions and seminars, and of course, covering employees with the right insurance. General liability and workers compensation in California are two policies that should always be in place! For more information on either policy, contact our insurance agency. We would be happy to answer your questions or provide you with a free quote!

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